Author Topic: Mirai Nikki: Seriously WTF?  (Read 3586 times)


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Mirai Nikki: Seriously WTF?
« on: May 23, 2014, 10:30:50 am »
So I finished Mirai Nikki yesterday. Halfway through the series the plot totally lost me. I was like "WTF". I seriously paused the series and went online to make sense of what I was watching. I read through Wikipedia, and even the dedicated Mirai Nikki wiki, but the shit I read confused me even further. It turned out that when I lost the plot, the confusing shit had only just begun.






Really, if you don't want to be spoiled then DO NOT READ FURTHER.

I don't know what happened. I'm busy enjoying the action, then all of a sudden Akise appears with an umbilical cord, and in a dramatic speech "reveals" that there are in fact "two Yuno's".

The one who we all know (and love) is in fact a "fake Yuno". At that point I paused the anime and sat on my bed for a while. Then I rewinded and replayed. Again I rewinded and replayed. Yet, it still didn't make sense. How does a DNA match between an umbilical cord and the dead Yuno imply that our Yuno is fake? What the hell does "fake" even mean? Is our Yuno some random chick that stole the real Yuno's identity. Is she like an illegal immigrant who desperately wanted to live in Japan, so killed a random girl named Yuno and stole her identity?

Well anyway, so I figured out what it was about the umbilical cord that was confusing me. I believed that the umbilical cord actually belongs to the mother during birth, when in fact, it is really part of the foetus. So you can imagine my confusion. If the umbilical cord Akise showed must belong to a mother, yet the DNA matches a child's dead body, then that dead child must have been a mother herself. But what does that say about our Yuno? Did Yuno give birth to Yuno? Well, I now know that the "fake" Yuno is actually just a copy of another Yuno in a different parallel universe. It's so obvious, how could I not see it?

Well, I just decided to let it be. Then Minene spies on Eleventh talking to Eighth, and Eleventh starts going on about how the entire cities citizens will become his minions/slaves, and starts wacking on about "Rome, Macademia..." and some other old civilizations in an evil tone with evil laughs. In the meantime the music in the background plays almost as if the entire world is going to explode right then, as if the music was trying to emphasize just how dangerous Eleventh is to the fabric of the universe, and that he must be stopped at all costs, otherwise the universe will end.

Anyway, so after Eleventh's crazy talk, Minene calls him a crazy person, and throws a grenade at him. He catches the granade, talks a little more, then throws it back to Minene. Now I won't deny, that scene with the granade was freaking awesome. But WTF was up with the music and Eleventh's speech?

Right, sometime later Minene makes some deal with Yuki that if he fails to kill Eleventh, then she's going to kill him. That also had me going WTF for a while. Why did Minene turn into a b**ch all of a sudden? Then later, Eleventh locks himself inside a vault and Minene points a gun at Yuki saying that he failed. Yuki shoots her first and starts going emotionally apeshit. Minene reappears apparently still alive and, as a final service for Yuki, states that she intends to bomb herself up in an attempt to blow open the vault. In the dramatic speech Minene made, she appeared as if she was confessing her undying love for Yuki - which again left me going WTF. Anyway, the subsequent kamikaze explosion didn't even leave a scratch on the vault. In other words, she killed herself for nothing. Now that was quite the shocking anticlimax.

Now only Eight is left, and she takes Akise to have an audience with Deus. There he learns Yuno's true identity - she became God and jumped back through space and time. Before he has a chance to tell Yuki, Yuno fights him, although Akise comes out on top. Yuno stabs herself, because she wants to push Yuki into a rage. Akise runs off to find Yuki and explain everything to him. Thereafter shit just get's out of hand. Hinata tells Yuki that he can't bring the dead back to life, even with Deus's power. Yuki refuses to believe, but then he should have broken down into tears. Instead, Yuno phones Yuki and screams that Akise tried to kill her, and that all of Yuki's friends have betrayed him. So the unthinkable happens - Yuki believes his friends have betrayed him, and are lying just to protect Eighth, so he kills all of his friends under the believe that he can conveniently just bring them back to life later. This scene made me realize just how disturbing this anime actually is.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention - Akise learns that he is actually an existence created and controlled by Deus to "Observe" the Future Diary game. He then randomly confesses to being gay, and later kisses Yuki in front of Yuno.

So Deus mentions that Eleventh actually invented the Future Diary, and Deus unknowingly gave Eleventh's future diary the means to take over the world. Yeah, I had to swallow that in like a few seconds, because the anime just kept throwing complicated shit my way.

Now, I was rather excited about Eleventh's "ultimate" power and believed that it would be a lengthy battle between him and the Yuno/Yuki duo, but then Yuno unlocks the IMPENETRABLE VAULT and shoots Eleventh in the head. What an anticlimax. I mean, really now. Imagine Goku is fighting Freezer in the final battle for mankind, then Freezer transforms and everybody is like "Oh my gawd we gonna die!", then Dende comes along and throws water on Freezer, and she melts to death. That's the type of anticlimax I'm talking about.

Now LATER on, Meru Meru reveals her true self and breaks out from Deus's control, and confesses that she intends to rule the universe in place of Deus, or some other shit like that. Eventually she ends up fighting against Minene (Ninth) who was supposed to have blown herself up. Deus removed her from the Vault just before her bomb exploded, and then granted her some of his powers. Then it turns into a Mahou Shoujou Mikuru Beam fest. Honestly, I thought I was watching some cheap magical girl anime, when cute Meru Meru started firing colorful beams of light at Minene.

Oh yeah, and earlier on Yukii's father stabs his mother because she confronted him about abandoning Yukii inside a burning, collapsing building. I mean really, why did Yukii's father also have to be psychotic?

Really, all of these things, and probably many others I can't think of at the moment, had me totally confused. Thankfully, after watching a couple of episodes over more than once, and scouring the interwebs for spoilers and plot summaries, I finally managed to makes sense of the show. However, I beg the question, Why oh why did they have to makes the second half of the series so freaking convoluted. Surely they could have made it more cohesive and logical. Or should I blame the fansubbers for not clearing up my confusion?

Despite these problems, I still think the series was awesome. The various plot surprises, like the Kamikaze bomb that didn't even scratch its intended target, really had me on the edge of my seat. I won't deny that I thoroughly enjoyed the series. Whatever you do, just don't watch this after you smoke weed.

Phew, what a post. Glad that's done.


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Re: Mirai Nikki: Seriously WTF?
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2014, 08:11:21 am »
Wow you had a lot to write about Mirai Nikki, by what i read i think i'll love the series. I will comment on it once i have done that.

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