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Sexiest Girls in Anime - Nominations
« on: May 23, 2014, 06:40:41 am »

              ^^ Beautiful, isn't she? This is C.C.  -- pronounced "Sheet-su" -- from Code Geass.


This is a tournament to determine who the sexiest girls in anime are (i.e. who have the most sex appeal).

The tournament will consist of many stages which will help to minimize the possibility of popular girls getting knocked out early. There's the Preliminary Group Stage (Round 0), the Tournament Stages, the Group Mixing Stages, and the Nominations. Check the Tournament Rules spoiler tab if you would like to know specifics.


If you would like to vote please go the one of the following threads:

Voting Thread - Round 0-A

Voting Thread - Round 0-B

Voting Thread - Round 0-C


Post the girl's name, the anime, the sexiest picture/s you can find of her, and optionally a YouTube video.

You may discuss anything regarding the tournament in this thread. If you would like to make suggestions, please do so.

Feel free to post images and videos of the girls that were nominated, or discuss their looks, personalities, or voice artists. It would be nice if this thread became a rich source of sexy anime content. 

A list of all nominations can be found under the All Nominations spoiler below.

[spoiler=All Nominations]

001. Maya Natsume  (Tenjou Tenge)
002. Asuka Langley Soryu  (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
003. Sakura Haruno  (Naruto)
004. Mitsuki Hayase  (Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien)
005. Ai Enma  (Hell Girl)
006. Lucy/Nyu  (Elfen Lied)
007. Yoko Ritona  (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
008. Sheryl Nome  (Macross Frontier)
009. Horo  (Spice and Wolf)
010. Black Rock Shooter  (Black Rock Shooter)

011. Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes  (Rose of Versailles)
012. Utena Tenjou  (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
013. Sakura Shinguji  (Sakura Wars)
014. Nami  (One Piece)
015. Robin Nico  (One Piece)
016. Yoruichi Shihoin  (Bleach)
017. Tsunade  (Naruto)
018. Yuuki Cross  (Vampire knight)
019. Re-L Mayer  (Ergo Proxy)
020. Misa Amane  (Death Note)

021. Hinata Hyuga  (Naruto)
022. Naruko  (Naruto)
023. Faye Valentine  (Cowboy Bebop)
024. Revy  (Black Lagoon)
025. Hitagi Senjougahara  (Bakemonogatari)
026. Michiko Malandro  (Michiko to Hatchin)
027. Mikoto Misaka  (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)
028. Yuuko Ichihara  (xxxHolic)
029. Hinagiku Katsuragi  (Hayate no Gotoku!)
030. Nagisa Furukawa  (Clannad)

031. Kanu Unchou  (Ikkitousen)
032. Ryofu Housen  (Ikkitousen)
033. Blair  (Soul Eater)
034. Orihime Inoue  (Bleach)
035. Nel  (Bleach)
036. Halibel  (Bleach)
037. C.C.  (Code Geass)
038. Kallen Stadtfeld  (Code Geass)
039. Saeko Busujima  (Highschool of the Dead)
040. Winry Rockbell  (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

041. Riza Hawkeye  (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
042. Olivier Milla Armstrong  (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
043. Lust  (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)
044. Erza Scarlet  (Fairy Tail)
045. Villetta Nu  (Code Geass)
046. Balsa  (Seirei no Moribito)
047. Rangiku  (Bleach)
048. Cattleya  (Queen's Blade)
049. Yui Kotegawa  (To-Love-Ru)
050. Haruko  (FLCL)

051. Garnet MacLaine  (Dragonaut - The Resonance)
052. Hibari Ginza  (Speed Grapher)
053. Bridget El Satellizer  (Freezing)
054. Lana Linchen  (Freezing)
055. Ganessa Roland  (Freezing)
056. Misaki Ayuzawa  (Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama)
057. Celty Sturluson  (Durarara!!)
058. Shizuma Hanazono  (Strawberry Panic)
059. Zakuro Fujiwara  (Tokyo Mew Mew)
060. Soi Fon  (Bleach)

061. Index  (Toaru Majutsu No Index)
062. Kaori Kanzaki  (Toaru Majutsu No Index)
063. Rukia  (Bleach)
064. Juvia Loxar  (Fairy Tail)
065. Rei Miyamoto  (Highschool of the Dead)
066. Saya Takagi  (Highschool of the Dead)
067. Chane Laforet  (Baccano)
068. Moka Akashiya  (Rosario Vampire)
069. Mizore Shirayuki  (Rosario Vampire)
070. Yuri Nakamura  (Angel Beats!)

071. Saber  (Fate/Stay Night)
072. Rin Tohsaka  (Fate/Stay Night)
073. Casca  (Berserk)
074. Kurisu Makise  (Steins;Gate)
075. Chi  (Chobits)


[spoiler=Voting Results]

No results at the moment.


[spoiler=Tournament Rules]

Preliminary Stage

In the Preliminary Stage (Round 0) the Poll will consist of groups of 20 girls, and you will be given 20 votes. This stage is to help me determine the relative popularity of each girl in the group. If you believe every girl should go through to the next stage, then you may vote for every girl in the group. Another important rule is that, all girls need votes from at least 10% of the voters to advance to the next Tournament Stage.

Tournament Stages

In each Tournament Stage the poll will consist of 10 girls, but you will only be allowed 5 votes. Girls that are knocked out from a Tournament Stage are moved to the Relegation Stage containing all Tournament Stage drop-outs, but girls that are knocked out in the Preliminary Stage, will require 5 nominations before they can be re-entered into the tournament. If approved, knocked-out girls will be entered into the Relegation Stage.

Remember, all girls need at least 1 vote per 10 voters, to qualify for the next round/stage.

Group Mixing

Before each Tournament Stage, starting from Round 1, the girls will be sorted into new groups based on their relative popularity. This process takes place between each Tournament Stage, so a girl that was in group A in round 1 (i.e. Round 1A), may be in group B in round 2 (i.e. Round 2B). Their popularity will be determined from the previous stage in the tournament. In Round 1 their popularity will be determined from the Preliminary Group Stage (Round 0). In Round 2 their popularity will be determined from Round 1, and so forth.

Vote Counting

A contestants's position in the tournament is not directly related to the stage she is in, but to the number of votes she has accumulated in the stages she participated in (excluding the Preliminary and Relegation Stages).

The amount of votes a contestant obtained in each Tournament Stage is scaled up/down so that it is relative to 100 voters, rounding up where necessary. The votes from each stage is then added to obtain the contestants total number of votes (or points).

Contestants are then ranked according to their total number of votes


Yoko advanced passed the Preliminary Stage, received 15 votes from 20 voters (15/20) in Round 1A, 10 votes from 15 voters (10/15) in Round 2C, and 20 votes from 23 voters (20/23) in Round 3A.

She has accumulated votes/points as follows:

Total Votes = (Round 1A Votes) + (Round 2C Votes) + (Round 3A Votes)
            =    (15/20)*100   +    (10/15)*100   +    (20/23)*100
            =        75        +         67       +        87
            =  229

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations will be accepted only till all current contestants have participated in both the Preliminary Stage and Tournament Stage 1. The Preliminary Stage contains groups of 20 contestants, and the Tournament Stage 1, groups of 10 contestants. If there are less than 10 contestants that still need to participate in Tournament Stage 1, then the nominations period has come to an end.


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